Throughout years of exploration I have been inspired by different images and symbols: Butterflies, Clowns, The Virgin, Buddha, and now Ganesh. As the quote says, “Art is when you hear a knocking from the soul – and you answer”. Ganesh knocked…. And I answered.

I answered by letting his presence, his childlike image and his inner qualities infuse my paintings. Ganesh came like an unexpected gift and I allowed his radiance and powerful creative force to permeate my being. This life force took me to a new place, beyond my own self, beyond my understanding, beyond religion or any kind of feeling of worship.

Ganesh combines the form of human and elephant. His mythical image is a representation of the different attributes of the One, that from which everything emerges. Some paintings seem to open a door to a place where myths, reality and imagination meet. The Spirit that resonates through his music reminds us of the eternal cosmic nature within us. Each time Ganesh inspired a certain image, a certain flourish, a certain insight, I felt enriched by my creative relationship with him and drew inspiration from his image.

Consciousness stretches beyond the physical; painting extends and transcends the act of perceiving. If we look beyond the physical aspect of things, we can capture mute meanings. It is what painting is all about for me: embracing the unseen, manifesting visual concepts and creating a conscious idea. Paintings become mirrors of our innermost nature, a doorway into ourselves, a centering force and, like Ganesh, an expression of our own essence and of our need to liberate our authentic Self. This creative process is what gives us our individuality. Our true individuality is an inner consciousness that unites us with all.

Like Buddha, Ganesh reflects a state of perfection as well as providing the means of obtaining it. Perhaps his purpose is to make us a reflection of this perfection. To seek perfection requires that we seek out our imperfection and remove it. That’s why Ganesh is the destroyer of pride, selfishness and vanity, and Lord of Success.

Although I have been familiar with Ganesh for many years his loving presence has never been as strong as it is now. I think he will continue to nourish and inspire me whatever shape his creative energy decides to take….

Caro, 2016