I moved to Vancouver in 2003 and since then, my connection with this city, its Nature and its people, keeps getting stronger and stronger. My paintings reflect this harmony with my surroundings and resonate with the Spirit of Nature. The sky, the mountains, the ocean, the quietness of the forest as well as this closeness with international culture give me a very special feeling of connection that is vital to my paintings. Nature can remind us of qualities that we can cultivate in ourselves: The strength and stillness of a mountain, the steadiness of trees, maybe the playfulness of clouds in the sky. The Spirit of Life is everywhere and can inspire us at any time.

Our inner Self is constantly changing shapes, at each moment.. a little bit like clouds in the sky playing at transforming themselves. When I look at those clouds, at my paintings, or at some paintings of other artists, I marvel at the transformative potential of images and how I constantly feel nourished by this indivisible energy within forms. Explaining this sensation with words cannot describe the feeling of limitless potential that I can touch.. .with my brush…

Like the Tao who is the Mother of Life who “gives birth to infinite worlds,“ I like to think that my brush can dance on my canvas as freely as the clouds in the sky and create infinite shapes; that my brush can also penetrate the appearance of things, reveal their inner qualities which, in turn, can awaken those qualities in us; that my brush can extract from the chaos of my mind a loving presence which has been waiting to reveal itself in order to send us messages that may delight, arouse or inspire. I deeply believe that each painting has a special message to deliver to the person who is captivated by and may even be in possession of that painting.