One morning, I was looking at the central figure of this painting and wondered who she/he might be. A healer, a magician, a tai chi practitioner, a conductor, an alchemist, a dancer, a poet/poetess, etc…? Suddenly I got inspired by the spirit of this enigmatic shape which took me deep into my fathomless creative depths, effortlessly…
I started writing a poem, a kind of reverence for the spirit of life, for my deepest dreams, and for my childhood. I was “In the flow”, swimming with the poesy of life, flying without fear into the unknown, honoring my wildest imagination, allowing myself to feel deeply alive and aligning myself with the music of words. This was when I realized it was unimportant to know this central figure’s identity. I decided to let go of the idea of wanting to grasp a particular meaning. What was important was to experience this inner alchemy and let myself be “In the flow”. Not only as an artist but as a human being, what inspires me is this endless desire to surrender to a deeper dimension of my own being and swim effortlessly into my inner dreams…

My poem ( In French…)

Je laisse mes ailes pousser
En buvant du café au lait
Et j’rêve de voyager, de m’envoler
Vers une contrée qui ressemblerait au Tibet.

Je rêve de frissonner, de caresser le temps,
De redevenir enfant et de m’allonger,
Pour un instant.
Non, je ne veux pas m’arrêter, je veux juste regarder, regarder l’instant et épouser le vent.

Et enfin laisser sortir ce délicat élixir,
Fait de couleurs, d’interrogations et de rires,
Cet arôme de môme en quête de délire
Afin d’envoûter ce monde qui se déchire.