In the Flow

One morning, I was looking at the central figure of this painting and wondered who she/he might be. A healer, a magician, a tai chi practitioner, a conductor, an alchemist, a dancer, a poet/poetess, [...]

The Magic of Clouds and Brushes

I moved to Vancouver in 2003 and since then, my connection with this city, its Nature and its people, keeps getting stronger and stronger. My paintings reflect this harmony with my surroundings and resonate [...]


Painting is, for me, an important spiritual practice. I seek to express the essence of what lies within the overtly visible. In this quest, I find myself turning to such archetypes and symbols as [...]

Why Ganesh?

Throughout years of exploration I have been inspired by different images and symbols: Butterflies, Clowns, The Virgin, Buddha, and now Ganesh. As the quote says, “Art is when you hear a knocking from the [...]