Born in France, Caro started painting in 1989, while living in Scotland, rising from a strong need to express her feelings and the world around her.  Caro encouraged new artistic experiences during her travels through Europe where she lived in Italy for two years.  North Africa, South America, Asia and North America all continued to inspire her along the way and give her a great feeling of freedom. This is this feeling of freedom and passion to exist through colors that she wants to convey through her paintings. In order to share her passion, she always tries to stay close to her perceptions, to wake them up all the time in order to be synchronized with the movement of life. The transformation of emotion to canvas is made possible by staying focused on opening up and emptying out the mind to let things happen freely on the canvas.

“Painting is my way to feel the presence of an intimacy with the world, discover its immanent significance and open a new space in which I can return to the silence of my thoughts and see the world in a new way.   Painting becomes a way to transcend the act of perception and the artwork, in turn, can reveal the world in a new way.”

Her work has been exhibited in many different Art Fairs in Europe (Spain, Geneva, Belgium, France) and galleries (Lausanne, Miami, Paris, French Alliance in Vancouver).  Currently, she is on permanent display throughout the Roche Bobois Showrooms in both Vancouver and Calgary.